Monday, May 18, 2020

I do NOT have gestational diabetes and am currently stuffing myself on carbs

Since we never go anywhere anymore, I have to be content with taking pics of this kids wherever they may be IN OUR HOUSE.

Look at this exciting cup of cocoa:
 We found some excellent walking paths behind our favorite library.
 Cooper decided to randomly make a kite.
 I try to snap lots of pics of the kids working wherever they happen to be. Like right now, I am no the elliptical, and Dorothy is camped out in the hallways with pillows and a beach towel (?). I would for sure snap that, but Cooper has my phone to listen to Armada (he really wanted to join Harry and Jack's pandemic book club). So I will just describe it and then show you a few from last week.

 I am trying really hard to go outside with the kids for at least an hour a day, no0t just send them outside to play,. I was doing this in March before I got sick, and we all had happier days. Plus, it's not like I can get too much exercise, you know?
 I am mostly just washing Dorothy's clothes for the bbay, but I can't resist a few new things here and there.
 This is so gross.
Unfortunately, I had the first ultrasound appointment of the day, and I wanted to do my glucose challenge WHILE I was getting my ultrasound so I wouldn't have to just sit around in a germy waiting room. I drank the drink at 7:30 on a stomach empty of everything but coffee and really felt fine until  was about 2 minutes from home when I almost passed out. Like, spots in front of my eyes, couldn't really see, vision getting black, etc. I pulled the car over and opened my door so I could put my head between my legs for a minute and then I drove home sweating profusely and feeling like I was  going to black out again.  I made it home and immediately flung myself on the bed with my legs on the wall, ate a clementine, and drank about a gallon of water while soaking myself in sweat. It was gross.  But then I felt fine and took a shower. (I have low blood pressure and feel light headed sometimes, like when my shower is too hot or when I don't drink enough water, so I was familiar with a scenario like this one).

Hey-- check out my awesome video set up for a freshman orientation a segment I taped with a fried on Saturday. Who needs a Ring light when you have GARAGE LIGHTS and a ladder?
 Facebook avatars are dumb, BTW.
 Ben totally has a future as a cook at Chili's.  We could not even face one more sit down dinner with the kids, so we had this nonsense after they went to bed.  4 stars, would do it again.
How is SIP treating you? I truly hope that even if your state is opening up despite increasing COVID cases like mine is (WHAT THE HECK?!), you are staying home as much as possible, wearing a mask when you must go out, etc. Stay safe!

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