Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Room re-do's

Yesterday we sampled S E V E N paint colors-- three for upstairs/downstairs, two for Dorothy's new room, and two for Cooper's new room, AKA THE OLD TOY ROOM.

I am really sad to be repurposing the toy room, but it seemed silly to cram Dorothy and Cooper in Cooper's room when we have a large 5th bedroom just sitting there. Filled with toys. And sporting vinyl flooring that we're not switching out any time soon because SOCIAL DISTANCING. In lieu of spring break this year, we were supposed to get new carpet in the 3 upstairs bedrooms, but instead, we did NOTHING. Thanks, pandemic.

It's the biggest bedroom in the house (besides ours, I think...), so the plan is to get a rug to sort of delineate Cooper's space and keep the majority of the toys in there with him. I think it will be kind of a disaster while  the kids work out boundaries, etc, so we are starting early (painting this weekend?!) so everyone can be adjusted to their new spaces before the baby comes. Besides a rug, we need an Alexa, a lamp for his nightstand, and maybe one more lamp of some sort to mark off his space and give him lighting options because he is afraid of the dark.

We let Dorothy choose between staying in her room or moving to Cooper's, and she decided to move next door, which is fine with me because her room has made a perfect baby room since we moved in NINE YEARS AGO next month (what?!?!). We don't need anything for her room except new big kid art for the walls and a new light fixture (she wants a chandelier).

We had a cute white IKEA crib for the baby, but friends of ours dropped off an even cuter white crib with a matching changing table, so the only thing we really need for that room is a dresser. And I think I am finally going to buy a glider, which is a dumb purchase after all these babies, but knowing us, we would have given ours away by now anyway and would be buying our second glider. So I am actually saving money.

But really: a rug, an Alexa, a couple of lamps, some wall art, a chandelier, a dresser, and glider. Not a bad list for THREE new bedrooms.

We decided to paint the basement because we haven't painted it ever, and buy does it need a refresh. And we're painting the upstairs because I suddenly HATE yellow walls. HATE.

So, if you need us between now and July (my self-imposed deadline) we will be painting.

Cooper had a Zoom meeting, so he decided to wear Ben's old Space Camp NASA suit.
 Homework anywhere, any time, even while I am blowing my hair dry.
 This is a good one!
 Speaking of eating all the carbs: french toast lunch buffet.

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  1. Solidarity on the yellow walls!! Our dining room and kitchen had yellow walls AND ceilings. If I do nothing else during the pandemic, I’m eliminating mine. My whole house is going to be “Perfect White” by the time I’m done. Nice and normal and boring