Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Cheers to 42!

Happy birthday to ME!

Today, I am celebrating with a homemade cookie cake and a takeout pizza, as well as my favorite kringles (yes, two of them) for breakfast.

Also, the kids have a day off from school, which is so freaking awesome I cannot even.

And-- wait for it-- MY MEETING GOT CANCELED.

I have big plans to lie in the sun** and read an entire book and take the kids for a walk someplace lovely.  Also, NAP. And-- we are getting TAKEOUT PIZZA, our first takeout food since Safer at Home began (for us) on MARCH FREAKING 13th

But! after this one more lazy lovely fatty day, I am embarking on a health-focused year. 42 is a year of healthy habits including:

1. Screen time limits. I am not going to spend 42 stuck in the scroll-- you heard it here first.
2. Daily writing practice
3. Daily yoga, even if this means I am just doing a sun salute and a quick down dog or two
4. 50 minutes of cardio 5 days a week and 30 minutes on the weekends. This is what I have been doing since January, and I really like it.
5. Healthy food habits.  Okay, this one is harder. I think after I have the baby, I should use something like Noom, but I also don't want to defer healthy habits until August. I think I need to focus on

  • more water
  • less sugar
  • fewer snacks
  • no nighttime eating after dinner
  • The good news is I am KILLING IT on the no alcohol. LOLz. 
  • I also need to go back portion control and 
  • only eating when I am hungry. I was so good at this when I did intermittent fasting, but being stuck at home and also being pregnant has led me to snack for fun again.
  •  If I can work on cutting bad eating habits out BEFORE I have the baby, I think I will be better off long term.  
  • Oreos and I need to break up, which feels pretty tragic. 
  • No more chocolate milk in my morning coffee. You know, the little things.
All of this is very easy to say when I am literally full of Kringle and getting ready to bake a cookie cake

TL; DR: Gluttonous day today and then HEALTHY LIVING FOR A YEAR. Gulp.

** Jon got me a GIANT HAMMOCK, and I cannot even WAIT

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