Friday, May 08, 2020

Ugh. My back hurts.


I feel like I lost a whole week to back pain.

I don't know if it is sciatic nerve pain from a weirdly positioned baby (possible-- I only feel her in the very front and very low-- I remember feeling the other kids on the sides and higher. Also, I feel her most when I am sitting straight up-- lying on my side not so much) or just plain old muscle pain, but OH MY GOD. I cannot even sleep it hurts so bad (and I hate sleeping on my side anyway, even with a body pillow and without debilitating pain). It's my right lower back area/hip, and it hurts all the way down my leg.

Things that sort of help:
Yoga and other stretches
Icy Hot
Heating pad
Ice packs
Gentle massage
Hot showers
Exercise (once I get going)

Things that suck:
Looking down while standing up (WHAT THE HELL)
Cow in cat/cow
Standing still
Getting up from a seated position
Getting out of bed

I am not comfortable getting acupuncture or going to the chiropractor right now, even though I know both of those are recommended for either kind of pain, and I really don't want to take meds at all, but I WILL take Tylenol if it gets really, really, really bad. Any other miracle cures you can think of?

Anyway, that's where I have been.


  1. Sabrina Worsham8:28 AM

    Tumeric, cayenne or black pepper, and coconut oil as a topical rub. Add a heat source for 20 min. Use old towels as the tumeric will stain.

  2. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I had horrible sciatica with my last pregnancy (at 41). Ice and as much rest as possible made it a little more bearable, but 3 trips to the chiropractor made it go away. I bought 3 of the ice packs made from clay and put them in steady rotation. I've never been in so much chronic pain in my life, it was unbearable and debilitating and nearly caused a mental breakdown. I am very anti-chiropractor and if anyone told me I'd be seeing one while pregnant, I'd have said they were crazy. Now, obviously things are different now, but if things on the whole pandemic front change, that is my very best recommendation. I'm so sorry, I wish there was an easy fix that didn't involve leaving your house. Some people suggested gentle walking or exercise, but that made it much much worse. I had to start working from home because I could literally not walk from my car into the office. All that to say, rest, rest rest. I found an old school lazy boy recliner helpful

  3. Megan9:28 AM

    This band really helped my SI joint pain, both while pregnant and not pregnant. Serola Sacroiliac Belt-- I think you can get it on Amazon too. Physical therapy saved my life while pregnant. I don't remember the exercises, though.

  4. I'm sure you have considered the risk/benefit and consulted more trustworthy sources than us random internet people - BUT! my understanding is that Bengay/Icy Hot are off the table during pregnancy? Or maybe there's a mild version I'm not aware of... Of course, consult your doctor...

    I, too, had a pregnancy at an advanced maternal age (37) and it was oh-so-much more achy and painful than my first (at 28!) Towards the end, when I woke up to pee in the night, it was a real struggle to walk. Thankfully it was better once I got moving for the day.

  5. Using a belly support band this pregnancy has made a huge difference for me with back pain.

  6. Kim S8:59 AM

    You may want to check the Bengay for aspirin. I wanted to use it when breastfeeding and the pharmacist recommended against that as it *could* make its way into my milk.

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