Monday, May 11, 2020

Mother's Day

We had the best Mother's Day, despite the pandemic. It was cold (colder than Christmas Day) and rainy, so we did my favorite thing, which is NOTHING all day long. I read TWO BOOKS!!!

This one (and then I listened to the Girl Next Door podcast book club episode about it):
 And also this one:

I made a perfect blueberry coffee cake (double the glaze. Always double the glaze).
 I woke up to this outside my window and COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING.
 Dot Matrix banners!!
 Lovely flowers. (And also a new Ergo, and I cannot even wait to be carrying a tiny snuggly baby in it! Ergos have gotten even better in the last 7 years, and you no longer need an infant insert for 7 pound babies)
 And I gave myself the gift of this GIANT PREGNANCY PILLOW. It is amazing, and I slept all night without waking up even a little.

I hope you also had a lovely, lazy day.

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