Thursday, December 19, 2019

Welp. THAT was a bummer.

Let's get a more cheerful pst up here, yes?

Despite eating like I am a human trash can and then feeling bad about it and then doing it some more, I do actually feel pretty holly jolly.

School is wrapping up, and even though I am a teeny bit stressed about the snow man craft I am doing with Dorothy's class tomorrow, and I need to also bake 24 cupcakes real fast, I am basically on top of all of my shit.

We went downtown to see the holiday decorations at the capitol

 Jack is totally into Legos for really the first time.
 Dorothy wrote the SWEETEST notes to all opf her dance teachers.
 And she decorated tissue paper for her teacher gift
 Jack went to a dive clinic
 Toofy has been up to his old tricks.
 Harry and Jack have been enjoying spirit week at school

I have been baking even though I said I would not:
Dorothy's winter dance routines are too darn cute:

And there you have it!  Merry merry.

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