Friday, December 13, 2019

Simply having a slightly stressed out Christmas time

All of the pictures on my phone pretty much look like this:
 Or this:
 Cooper and Harry had hockey pics last night, ad I made them get one together.
 Ben got a major Christmas card opening injury.
 And our big excitement for the night was Beatrix trying to climb in the cabinet.  We discovered that a candy from someone's advent calendar was lying on the bottom shelf.  I can't wait for that kid to open their empty day so I can use the sage wisdom from Bad Santa and remind them that they can't be a winner.
Seriously, though, the end of the semester is killer as usual;.  I have 101 essay exams sitting on my bookshelf glaring at me, and I need to run around like an idiot and spend all of the money on Christmas.  GAH.

I had a meeting yesterday and then spent the next like 3 hours running from mall to mall grabbing the few little specific things left on my list.  I placed one more giant Zappos order and then I have 2 stores to hit tomorrow and a few things to grab at Target, and that's IT.  I AM DONE SHOPPING.  (Almost). It's all over (almost) but the wrapping.   And, to be honest, the wrapping is sort of my favorite part.

Speaking of meetings!  I have them EVERY.  DAY.  between now and when the kids start break.  Wha?!?

Also, I am A BOOK BEHIND on my 2019 reading challenge, which means I need to read 12 BOOKS in the next few weeks.  GAH AGAIN.

But still!  I am trying so hard to stay in the moment and appreciate Christmas with 4 smallish kids.  What a delight this season is.

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