Friday, December 27, 2019

Finally waking up from the holiday explosion!!

Since I want to catch you up on the last week, it is SO PERFECT that Blogger uploaded my pictures in totally random order.  As you know from reading this blog for 13 years, I always just use pictures however they are uploaded, and I never fix typos.  So, welcome to lots of pictures and an apparently disjointed narrative.  That at least I can blame on picture order.

HANUKKAH NIGHT 2:  Books and Calendars
 The weather here!  It is freakishly wonderful-- sunny and high 50s.  We have been doing all of the outdoor things
 One costume day at dance.  I COULD EAT HER UP.
 Ben and Cooper twinned on the last day of school/work before the 2-week break.  God bless a husband who uses his vacation to match the kids' school break. 
 Also!  HE HELPED ME PREP SNOW MAN CRAFT KITS for Dorothy's class party
 Dorothy had no ugly sweater for ugly sweater day, so she wore pajamas instead.  As she told me seriously, rompers are very in style.
 Meanwhile, these yahoos rounded out spirit week with 80s day for the 8th grader and 60s day for the 6th grader.
 Dorothy got a special citizenship awards at school, 4 times a year, each teacher nominates one person.  Harry own it back in the day, but Cooper and Jack are award-less.  Dorothy and Harry are v. smug.

 Nothing like finishing the first grade holiday party prep literal MINUTES before the first grade holiday party.

 I snagged a super mature second-grade helper to come with me.
 Dorothy and I had a spa night to kick of break while Ben took all the little dorklings to see a Star War.
 We met up with Ben's parents and sister for a day of swimming in the Chicago land area.
 We spent the first night of Hanukkah at the ice rink for the annual ugly sweater skate.  Cooper and Harry soon ditched us to play hockey with one of Harry's old coaches and his kids.

 The first night of Hanukkah: sweaters and slippers:
 On Monday the 23rd, we declared it CHRISTMAS COOKIE DAY and made and ate a billion of them.

 More outside fun!  Walking the lake!
 Checking out a cool Rose Bowl photo wall
 Playing on the marching band's turf field and modeling their first-night-of-Hanukah sweatshirts.
 Aaaaaaand we're back to the zoo.  FULL CIRCLE.  Thanks, Blogger.

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