Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Hamilton! Macbeth! Elf shenanigans! ALL OF THE THINGS

Since I last updated, Beatrix has become a reindeer.
 Toofy is back in business.
 It's outdoor hockey season and also simultaneously not outdoor hockey season because it's too cold to leave the damn house.
 Dorothy and I are twinning.
I! Am! Working! On! My! Book! AGAIN!
 For realz
 We have a blow up elf on the front porch that freaks me out every time I pass the door.
 Toofy! SO creepy!
 You will be relieved to know I am still updating the letter board.


 Dorothy has some exciting news.
 The kids had a random teacher inservice, so they came to work with me.

 This might have been his creepiest place yet.
 Maybe it's because I know a Whole30 is on my January horizon, but I have been killing the comfort food lately.  Like these pot pies that we are eating tonight!
OK.  That's it.  We are all caught up.  See you soon.

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