Monday, December 30, 2019

19 for 19 follow up

SPOILER:  DID NOT DO most of these.

19.  Less phone but more pictures!  I got a Canon Elph that's so teeny, I have no excuse for leaving it behind and also an SD card reader for my phone so I can have instant photo access when I do want to post.  Also, for the love of God PRINT THE EFFING PICTURES MY GOD.  Every month. (I have set up Google calendar reminders, so hopefully this will help?)

Not only have a lost that camera completely (and forgot about getting it until I read this, but I printed ZERO pictures last year.  TOTAL FAIL

18.  19 dinner dates.


17.  Monthly pedicures

YEP.  At home.  **sad trombone**

16.  Regular massages

LOLz.  Try Z E R O

15.  Cardio 5 days a week


14.  Yoga 3 days a week

I CANNOT make this habit stick

13.  Read 200 books, at least 150 by women authors and at least 10 poetry


12.  Finish my novel.  FOR REALZ.  Also, I have been setting this goal and failing for YEARS now, and I wonder if it's time to let it go?  Or at least figure out why I'm not meeting the goal?


11.  Do meaningful PD every quarter.  Just because I have a terminal degree doesn't mean I should be all done learning, right?!


10.  Girls nights out:  I want to say monthly, but I am in 2 book clubs, so that's 2 nights a month.  A GNO, too?  I mean, a girl can dream.

NOT great with this, but I did have so many wonderful lunch dates.

9.  Move.  Or come to terms with not moving.  Either way.  And both of these would including painting the basement and fixing up the boys' bathroom.

Not moving nay time soon.  Did nothing to fix up the house.  Might buy new kitchen stools this week.

8.  Write poetry

Baby steps.

7.  See all the Oscar nominees for best picture before the Oscars

We did for last year (Feb 2019)

6.  24 POTY podcasts

Instead, we quit.

5.  Family movie nights (aim for 3 a month)

Totally biffed this one.

4.  WORK ON MY ABS for the first time in 12 years

I lost 20 pounds.  Does that count?

3.  Get a puppy?  Why do I want to do this? Not sure.

LOLz.  Nope.

2.  Remember my vitamins

Sort of.

1.  Find perfect black heels.

Did not find.  Forgot to look

Well, shit.

Here's picture of all of our pretty holiday cards.  They distract me from total failure, so maybe they'll also work for this post.
You know, I did really like my word of the year: CORE.  I think we really did try to focus on the things that mattered most this year.  LIKE PURGING OUR CLOSETS.

What about you?  Did you keep your resolutions?

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  1. I adore this post because I gleefully makes resolutions and don’t keep most of them, but I still delight in the practice.