Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Whole 30 Redux

I am on day 10 of my latest Whole30.  I might only do a Whole 27 because Mother's Day is May 12.  I am FOR SURE only doing a Whole 28 MAXIMUM because my damn birthday is on May 13, and I mean!

But, anyway, I have to report that I fee AMAZING.

I have no idea if I have lost any weight or anything like that, but I just feel so great.  I haven't had the urge to take a nap in the last 9 days, and I am pretty sure it is because I am not eating any carbs.  There is a literal spring in my step.

I know that this means I should probably lay off carbs, you know, forEVER, but we all know that my 41st birthday will see me face down in some champagne and a huge chocolate cake.

In some ways-- actually, in MOST ways-- I HATE how good I feel.  It would be so much better if I still felt all bloated and logy and had heartburn at night.  But, alas. I have boundless energy and really stable moods.  Shit.

This was my favorite meal so far:
Chicken breasts sow cooked with salsa, Rotel, and frozen spinach (I ate them for DAYS) and sweet potato chips in the air fryer (with ghee and TJ's Everything but the Bagel dipped in Tessa Mae's spicy ranch dressing)
For some reason Pinterest bugs me, but I have been making a Google doc with Whole 30 recipes I want to try, and I have all of the ingredients for turkey chili-- If I can get up from my writing cocoon (NOT LIKELY) I will for sure throw it together.

Basically, I have just been obsessing about food and taking pictures of chicken salads.  You?

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  1. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I am trying a carb cycling program -- maybe that would work long term for you?