Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Happy little weekend

The little kids got out of school early on Friday, and I was pretty stressed about it because, you know, I need fall to be prepped before June 12, and it is a slog.  So! Instead of being an asshole about the whole thing, I worked hard all morning and then took them out for terrible fast food and to a skeezy arcade to play vintage games even though it was a gorgeous day.  Fun for all!  And then I worked on a lecture during Harry's baseball practice and finished it at the library the next day, and I have a good plan to do FOUR MORE this week!  When we are expecting blizzard conditions on Wednesday.  EFF YOU, WISCONSIN!

Dorothy and Cooper were both total children of the corn before school on Friday.  Super scary.

 This game!  I want one for my basement!
 Black lights are amazing.
 So hard at work

 Multi-tasking queen
 KIDS ARE SO WEIRD, you guys
 Dorothy went to a gymnastics bday party on Saturday, so of course she dressed the part
We also had Ben's 40th bday party, finally, so stay tuned.

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