Monday, April 22, 2019

Hoppy Easter!

After Cooper turned his hands throughly green, we packed up the car and headed to Pekin to celebrate the weekend with family.
And, of course, a quick stop at our alma mater.

Could not resist.

Our old speech team won another national title a couple of weeks ago, and there's a flag flying in their honor on the qaud.  Which is behind the main part of campus that existed when we were students and is a brand new quad, which is SO SO WEIRD.
This was all houses!
Harry was so annoyed that I took a pic of him with a purse.
Future college kid:
From there the weekend was basically all food and selfies.
And bunny ears
The Easter Bunny hid 24 eggs at our hotel, and I did not even get out of bed to take pictures of the hunt #winning
Crappy hotel breakfast-- THEIR FAVORITE
Jack is a champion jumble-doer

Totally amazing pekin view from the hotel pool.
Clowning around at my parents' house

Family pic at brunch
Pretty brunch view

Egg hunt at my parents'

Pocket full of eggs:

Huntley is such a pretty boy.  Yes he is.

The kids were worse than usual on the drive home because they could not WAIT to get to Wisco and see what EB left for them, since his hotel note clearly said their baskets were waiting for them.  Roller blades for all!  And assorted other junk!  And a mom who is doing the Whole30 and couldn't eat their candy!  EVERYONE WINS.  Except, possibly, me.

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