Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Kid spring break: Thursday-Sunday

I actually loved our Thursday and Friday last week.  We went nowhere.  The weather was perfect.  Dorothy and Cooper did Little Gym camp in the morning, and I taught my class, and then I worked all afternoon on my fall class, and everyone just sort of hung out at home and ate junk food.  Idyllic.

And then we had to go and screw everything up by taking them all to a water park in the Wisconsin Dells on Saturday and Sunday.

 I don't even know if I am related to anyone in this picture, but you guys!  This giant bucket dropped a TON of water.
 They went on this giant slide a million times, sacred at first, then giddy, then just kind of annoyed that they had to keep dragging the giant tube up all those flights of stairs.
 Dorothy making herself right at home at lunch
 There was a mile-long line to check in at hour hotel, so we scooped out the lobby ad left Ben to gather all the wrist bands.
 So many photo opps!
 King Jack

 Slushie break!
 There was a dance party around bedtime
 (But first, a few more trips down Cooper's favorite slide)
 They all adored the wave pool.
 I have no idea where this rainbow came from
 We had breakfast at Paul Bunyan's, and I highly recommend it if you find yourself in the Dells or a northern WI tourist town.
 THE DONUTS.  Also, yes, a screwdriver and a pot of coffee.

 Our hotel had this super creepy and inappropriate animatronic clock tower show every 12 hours.  Yikes.

 Look at Dorothy!  Going down a giant water slide ALL BY HERSELF!
 Moments after we took this picture, Jack lost control of his tube at the top of a huge enclosed slide, and it came down empty, and Ben and I almost had twin heart attacks.

 Cooper loved it the most, I think.  He is fearless.
 Dorothy had a fab time and was the only kid her size without a floaty vest on, which is maybe because she is such a good swimmer or maybe because we suck as parents.
 Jumping, I assume, for joy
Ben and I love to complain about the Dells because it is kind of gross and so expensive, but the kids LOVE it, and we like to take them in bite-sized trips.  Next up: The Wilderness, the only major resort we haven't been to.  Maybe we can take our grandkids.


  1. Lisa R.11:32 AM

    My kids love Great Wolf, but I'm going to be honest, we are getting screwed with the New England one. The one you went to is so much cooler!! We just went in January and we are going again in May. It's like a kid version of Las Vegas.

  2. Anonymous1:32 PM

    you will LOVE wilderness. its huge and has TONS to do! weve been there....like 12 times over 13 years or something ridiculous like that. have lost count.