Friday, April 05, 2019


The short answer to this question is, of course YES.

The longer answer is more depressing and says basically that the end of the semester will coincide with THE CHILDREN BEING HOME ALL SUMMER WITH NO BEN TO HELP ME WATCH THEM HOLY CATS.

So, I am in the middle of FALL CLASS PREP.  I know what you are thinking:  SARAH, it is APRIL, and you have not even updated your summer class yet.  To which I say OMG you guys!  If you are an academic mom who does a new course prep DURING THE SEMESTER YOU ARE TEACHING THE CLASS, I literally do not know how you do it.  And also, it makes sense to do the fall first because I literally MUST have the summer one ready by 6/16 so the class can, you know, start.

I am always fully prepped for the whole semester-- including plans for my TAs for section, exams, exam review guides, Power Points, class shell in our LMS, etc etc etc-- before the first day of class.  This fall's prep has a special urgency, though, because it is a brand new (to me) class and really labor intensive and also, I won't be able to count on working o it this summer.  Because this summer, I will be scrambling to stay caught up with my online class since ALL OF THE CHILDREN WILL BE HOME ALL DAY OH THE HUMANITY.

So, this week I wrote 3 more lectures and asked my dissertation advisor to do a guest lecture, bringing me through week 4.5 of the course!!  I am 3 more lectures away from the end of the first unit, and I am feeling kind of giddy.  Even though the first unit is undoubtedly the easiest to fill, with the guest lecture and also all of the intro stuff you have to do in a class.  And plus also, I was able to refashion parts of lectures I have given before.  Oh!  And one more thing!  It is all about the first wave of feminism, which-- even though the class plays with the timeline and troubles the neatness of the metaphor-- is a pretty distinct time period with a clear policy goal.

They have a half-day today OH THE HUMANITY, so I am scrambling to finish up a couple of things for fall, get caught up on this semesters never ending emails, work our, put away the laundry, and get dressed.  In the next 3 hours.  **gulp**

Solidarity, sister:

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  1. I was "voluntold" to take a professional development credit this semester to update one of my courses for our QEP, and let me tell you there is nothing to light a fire under my butt for course prep quite like $500.