Friday, September 08, 2017

Phew! The first week is in the books.

Every morning when Jack and Cooper and Dorothy take her for a walk Beatrix looks at me like Really?  You really think this is legit?

And the truth is, I don't.  But the middle school hour comes early these days, and Harry isn't home to lead the charge.

And, looking at these pictures, you can't really blame her, right?

(Why yes, I was in the bushes taking pictures like a total creeper.  WHY DO YOU ASK?)

Dorothy loves school this year (THANK GOD), but she is a total wreck when she gets home.  I think because she goes 5 days, which is two more than she went last year, and because she stays longer for lunch a couple days a week-- that's a lot for a tiny person.  And also!  When she gets home, she's the only kid for a few hours, which is weird for her. She's at loose ends without brothers to boss around.

We go to Target a lot,
It is SO WEIRD to have a kid who doesn't have ADD after 2 ADD kids.  Cooper sat down at the counter and wrote all 19 of his classmates' names on his birthday invitations in one sitting with no fuss at all.  It took him maybe 10 minutes, and he stayed on track the whole time.  I started the project 3 days early because I assumed he would only be able to do 4 names in a sitting like his bros.  WOW.
Also!  He picked out the most adorable jungle invitations and little parachute animals and leopard cupcake wrappers.  He's a dream.  Also we had to do paper invites because the school year just started and the school cannot give out parent emails and I haven't had enough time to gather them the old fashioned way.  Paper invites are a pain.
Jack is loving fourth grade so far and his feet are THE SAME SIZE AS MINE.  What?
Dorothy traded her impractical pink sparkly kitten heels for some super tall rain boots (also sparkly) that she wears even when it's not raining.

And Harrison had a good second first day of school!  

Logistically, this week almost killed us and a quick look at the google calendar reveals that next week looks EVEN WORSE.  It's ok-- we should all be settling into this routine by about December when, of course, everything will change again.

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