Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Des Moines Weekend.

Dorothy is continuing her streak of super cute back to school outfits, although she did rip the lace underskirt of this dress playing on the park, but that's NBD because her clothes should be able to withstand Hurricane Dorothy, right?
 I mentioned this before, but Ben and I podcasted.  Listed on Potypodcast.com or on iTunes.  Also, you can read my latest Madison Mom Blog post here
 And then!  We loaded up the car and went to Des Moines to visit my grandma, my aunt, and my uncle and his partner, and to see my mom and my brother and his partner who were also in town.

Bomma is doing well, but the sight of her in the nursing home in bed or in her wheelchair gives Dorothy FEELINGS. At one point, she picked open a scab on Cooper's arm and painted pictures on herself with his blood.  So, we went to the lobby to look at the birds.  (AUGHHHHHH!)
 And then out for chips and margaritas.

 And to the hotel for some swimming.

 While I got dressed to go out for dinner, Dorothy wrote a book about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that she told me had lots of F words. I feel that.
 The only picture I took of our night.
 We enjoyed hotel breakfast the next day.
 And some more swimming.
 Before hitting a park.

 After a quick lunch on Drake's campus, we piled in the car to head home.
 Where I piled my hair in the world's biggest bun
 Jack practiced tying his new shoes (that are literally my size-- crazy, huh?)
 And Harry worked on his new locks.
I have so much to tell you about school starting and our last day at the pool, but these things take time, so check back tomorrow. **winky face emoji**

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  1. Ben looks super creepy in the lunch on campus picture.