Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Go slow to go fast-- something I wish I had remembered yesterday

I just want to say congratu-freaking-lations to us for not screwing up FAMILY MOVIE FRIDAY yet.  We started the new tradition on September 15 because we were out of town the first 2 weekends in September.  We saw Power Rangers with frozen pizza the first time and we went to the move theater to see Lego Ninjago and eat movie theater pizza delivered to our reclining seats THIS IS WHY AMERICA IS FAT.  So, that's 2 in a row.  PERFECT RECORD.

My Monday was shitty, you guys.

I thought I was being all awesome making the kids pumpkin pancakes not from a box, but when I reached into the nether regions of my baking cabinet to find cloves, I found them STUCK TIGHT TO THE SHELF and then realized that on the very top shelf, a bottle of corn syrup that I keep on hand for a very specific Christmas cookie recipe had spilled everywhere.  That is not a mess you can un-see. I needed a putty knife to clean it up.

Then, I made a crock pot meal before I went to work and realized like 3 seconds before I needed to leave that there was no chicken in the house.  As you might imagine, chicken was a key component of this CHICKEN tikka masala recipe.

Also, I hit my funny bone really hard on the dryer and spilled fruit out of the fridge. And my outfit looked really stupid and not what it looked like in my head, but I didn't have time to change.  Oh!  And I cheaped out and bought an off-brand razor because I was tired of buying expensive blades, and I am stubbly.

None of these makes for a shitty day, huh?  Who new that blogging was a gratitude exercise?  THE WHOLE INTERNET, DUMBASS.


You know who's not stressed?  Her.

 Also her.
 I LOVE THE LITTLE GYM so freaking much.  I am so glad we're back on the big! red! mat!
 So is Dorothy

 This is the face of a child who just found out that his sister got to pick out a treat at the dollar store while he was at school.  IT'S ALL SO SAD.

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