Monday, March 27, 2017


I think if we had taken the kind of spring break that my friends with older kids are taking, it would be even harder to re-enter the daily grind because we would be thinking of white sand beaches, turquoise water, and umbrella drinks.  Since our spring break was more field trip than vacation, it;s not like we're suddenly slaving away after a spa-like week.

But still.

I haven't done laundry or made meals or cleaned up messes for a week, so the minutia of our daily lives feels overwhelming.  Also! I am overwhelmed by work and writing assignments and rec letters and the grading always the grading to the point that my to-do list gives me hives.

So I made cookies!  And then we ate them all really fast.  So I made more cookies!

 This KILLED me-- Coop left the maid service sign on his door yesterday.
 I am eating like a crazy fat giant again, and there's no excuse!  I made myself a huge tupperware of ready-to-eat veggies!  Doing the Whole30 again on April 3.
He wore his souvenir hat to school today because OF COURSE HE DID.  Also he was looking for a button-down, and he tried on all of his size smalls, coming upstairs every time to ask me how they looked (all were too tight and too shirt).  Finally, I broke the news that he's an "M," which made the whole shirt finding process go more smoothly.  In related news, Cooper got like 10 new shirts this morning.

THE LAUNDRY IS DONE!  Now excuse me while I tackle the grading.

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