Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Break Day 4

Smithsonian!  Damnit!  That minivan that everyone's mom drove when I was a kid canNOT be old enough to be in your museum!
 The babies and I started the day back at American History because Ben took the big kids to file past the Constitution and Declaration.  I planned to let Dorothy play in the playroom she loved so much, but it's closed on Tuesdays.  FUCK.  I asked her what her favorite part of the day was, and she said, "Not the part where the room I could play in and the cafeteria with the cake was closed.  That was sad."  (We were there before the cafeteria opened).

But!  We saw Julia Child's kitchen!!!

 And we revisited the doll house and found all 10 Doll children, whom, a lovely docent pointed out, are all under age 8.  2 sets of twins, my friends.

Ben had a Capitol tour for all of us, but the little kids were less than thrilled.
 So he took Harry and Jack, and the under-6 crowd went to the Botanic garden, which was a fantastic 90 minutes-- so warm! so pretty!  so chill!

 I gave Coop my camera, and he took lovely photos:

And! When we met up with the rest of our fam, we saw the Veep's motorcade arriving at the Capitol, and he LOOKED RIGHT AT ME and we waved.  It was cool.

 We ended the day with MOAR MONUMENTS, hitting both Jefferson and FDR.

 OK-- now let's look at phone photos-- those were all from my real camera.

Dorothy danced through breakfast:
 Doll house!
 We stopped for bubble blowing on the way to the gardens.
 They threw pennies in all the fountains.
 Cooper was a charming photographer:
 They are my favorite little pair.
 We hung out in this room forever because I found an outlet to charge my phone.

 We prepared to part ways for a quick run into the National Gallery for Warhol and Calder and Fritsch's blue rooster.


 And KLIMT!!
 The security guard was shitting her pants here
 Ice cream!
 It was all too much for Dorothy
 She was not thrilled when we woke her up to see TJ
 Congress and the Pres and Veep should READ THIS
 Speaking of! Ben and Dorothy saw Trump and WAVED AT HIM while we were in the museum!
 This monument is lovely
 Ben and the mini-Bens on the Capitol tour


 Capitol (duh)
This trip is amazing!  And tomorrow!  THERE WILL BE PANDAS.

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