Sunday, March 19, 2017

DC! Spring break days 1&2!

Every year, spring break coincides with March Madness, os we get in our Badger wear and pile in the car and hope we can stop in time to watch the game.  (No dice on Saturday, BTW-- we had to listen to the game in the car)

 All Badgered out and SO EXCITED to get our nerd on in DC.
 We stopped at Notre Dame for a picnic lunch in their student center and left basically right as they lost their round 2 NCAA game.  We wanted to get out before the riots.  KIDDING.  What a gorgeous campus!!

 The kids were just thrilled to have Lunchables-- a forbidden treat.
 Cooper was LITERALLY climbing the walls.
 Touchdown Jesus!
 Of course we had to see the football field. We just watched Rudy like 2 weeks ago for movie night.
 The kids were wonderful travelers and could not wait to swim in the pool at our Pennsylvania Mariott that we reached like 11 hours after leaving our house (we stopped twice).

 Thank you, Harry, for keeping me in Badger wear.
 No one slept well, but their favorite junk food and a TV for breakfast really helped take the sting out of the pool not opening until 10, long after we were on the road again.

 Mom jeans AND mom shoes:  making good fashion choices.
 I asked the front desk where the bar was on our way up to our room, following the man with our luggage on a cart with a garbage bag of winter coats on top, and they immediately sent us mimosas.
 This is a great pic because he is wearing an A.Burr hat from Hamilton.
 OMG!  The Washington monument!
 He asked me to take his picture.  How could I refuse?
 This made me cry at the WWII memorial.  And then the rest of it did, too.  I could cry again just thinking about it.  And don't even say Vietnam or Korea.

 Dorothy read all of these letters upside down, BTW.
 So majestic!  Another crier.
 I kind of want to pretend this is the Jefferson memorial because we were too lazy to walk around the tidal basin and look at it.
 OH MY GOD THIS WAS AWESOME.  I just walked around and read all of the quotations and sobbed behind my Ray Bans.

This would obviously be cooler if Hillary lived here.  Or Fitz.
 They are super cheap dinner dates.
 And easily entertained.
 Cooper has literally always wanted to sleep on a couch bed.  Bam!  Bucket list item check!
All of the kids fell asleep listening to me read Harry Potter to the babies and then Ben and I had a couple of cocktails and worked on our online classes.  DREAMY.

OK.  Here's the SAME TIME PERIOD from Ben's camera.  Thanks for the shitty upload, Blogger.

THE WHITE HOUSE IS SO COOL.  Like, every time we walked by I had to stop and take a picture.

 WWII was my FAVORITE.  It was so lovely and serene.  We could have sat by this pool all day.
 Ben LOVED the Washington Monument and took at least 400 pictures of it.  We regretted leaving our selfie stick in the car.

 The sweetest!
 We're down there, I swear.
 I believe Cooper was transforming into Batman in this pic.
 My new fave--the simul-selfie.
 Coop wanted in on the action.
 Love his dorky little hat.
 Jack: a rock star big brother.


  1. Those war monuments are truly breathtaking. Also I love the idea of Fitz in the White House.

  2. The fail is my favorite! This looks like such a cool trip