Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I am just an angry little stressed out ball of stress-- but there's a giveaway on the way tomorrow

Just when I thought I couldn't be any more stressed about getting all of y work done before we go away for a long weekend (I KNOW), I remembered that I had to chaperone a fifth grade field trip on campus today.  And by remembered, I mean that Harry's lovely teacher emailed to remind me.

And I lost most of my day yesterday to technological things that next time I will outsource because I SUCK at them.  More on those later because even though they need the help of a professional designer, I am going to show them to you. Soonish.

You know who's NOT stressed?

These kids learning about college.
 They got pick out heir own food in a dorm cafeteria and walk around campus with the help of an amazingly perky (like, perky without being even a little annoying) tour guide.  And they asked really sweet questions like do you get in trouble in college and what happens if you make it through high school.  Can you go to any college?  That one broke my heart a little and made me realize for the millionth time that there are many different ways to experience this town and I should not take my enormous privilege for granted.

They also got to roll down a big hill, so that was cool.
 Also not stressed?  The kid who is happy to be home with her dad making this terrific mess in awesome shoes.

Oh!  Also!  I have a sponsored post and a cute little giveaway tomorrow, so tune in-- especially if you or someone you love likes to build things with LEGO bricks.


  1. I thought the little girl in the back row was shooting the bird until I zoomed in and saw a second finger.

  2. this is so nice to see the little kids are playing and enjoying the best time out there. Look at their face. so exciting and blushing. yeah, i will wait for this giveaway..:)