Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The finish line is so close!

 Almost time to stop messing with this little guy.  SOMEBODY TOUCHED HIM, bUt we were just happy not to have to think of a hiding place for one night.  Then the next night, we hid him extra hidey and Cooper walked around the house for like 15 minutes saying. "I don't like this, you guys.  He might have stayed at the Norf Pole."

Dorothy and I went grocery shopping so I could make food for a friend having a minor surgery and friends with a new baby (in Wisconsin, we perform community through casserole, the cheesier the better in both senses of the word), and we found some pre-made Pillsbury Trolls cookie dough.  It turned out to be the perfect activity for a baby with a broken arm.  We raided my sprinkle stash, and she decorated like crazy.

 But waiting the 7-9 minutes for the cookies was interminable.  I was like ok these have to cook for 7-9 minutes, and she was like THAT'S GOING TO TAKE HOURS because 3-year-olds are senseless.
 Also after holding a warm snuggly newborn yesterday, I realized that she is not a baby and that I might have to have more babies to live through the Trump administration  IF HUMANITY MAKES IT A GESTATION PERIOD.  Because a gurgling ball of baby made me feel the closest to happy and optimistic I have felt since November 8.

(The Electoral College: 1.  Had to vote the way it did because what a horrible precedent if it didn't.  I don't want a bunch of partisan party elites deciding they can overrule the voice of the people in future elections.  2.  BUT, now that the precedent for discourse about the Electors going rogue has been set, I bet the shit bag Republicans will do just that next time a Dem wins, and Trump will be able to stack the Supreme Court with ideologues who will allow it to happen.  So.  Oligarchy.  Kleptocracy.  Idiocracy.  HERE WE COME.  But hey, at least we'll save all the unborn babies and force Christmas trees into every public space.  I HATE THE WORLD.)

In Wisconsin, we play baseball in the snow.  DUH.
 OMG the Game of Life teaches kids the WORST lessons about actual life-- pro-natalism, gender binary, cutthroat capitalism with a Carnegie-like undercurrent of worthiness.
 I troubled it the best I could by asking them if they wanted to marry boys or girls when they got the compulsory coupling square.  #babysteps.
Ben and I are only a few administrative tasks away from winter break!  See you on the flip side!


  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Seriously? You dislike Christmas trees in public? And you dislike classic board games because they don't suggest men should marry men?

    1. I (a reader of this blog) dislike Christmas trees in public spaces when other symbols of the season are omitted. After all the solstice is really the reason for the season! Additionally, I want all people to marry who they want to. Love is love

  2. Casseroles and gurgling babies :) I've found myself really focused on gender roles/expectations and had an awesomely awkward exchange at McDonalds (I know) when I refused to refer to or understand the toys as "girl toy" and "boy toy." The poor guy at the counter...