Sunday, December 25, 2016

Eight Crazy Nights: Night 2

 Ok, first of all, Santa had no idea that the above castle was Jack-sized.  He thought it was more like THE SIZE OF THE BOX and when Jack pulled it out of the box in a billion pieces today, Santa was seriously bummed because he totes would have spent some kid-free time putting it together one night last week instead of doing it in a gift-strewn room with a ton of little people screaming at him.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

Let's go back to yesterday when Toofy our Elf dropped off a pajamagram on his way back to the NP.  Cooper gave the whole scenario a serious side eye.
 Harry loved his jams, mainly because he picked them out at Target now that he knows we're Santa.
 Then we headed to Ben's parents house for snacks, pictures and presents.

 And then we went to Ben's grandma's house for more of the same.
 Plus people Dorothy's age to play games with
 And also cake.
 We didn't get home until 11, and the kids were super super super late to bed-- the babies didn't even care about milk and cookies for Santa and no one wanted to read the Night Before Christmas.  Ben and I were up after 1 stuffing stockings and exchanging our own gifts. So!  We told everyone they had to wait until 7 to get up, and Santa delivered stockings to their bedrooms to buy us extra sleepy time, which was GENIUS.
 Also genius, sneaking Hillary Clinton in with the other stocking stuffer dollies and taking all the crap out of its package so it could be played with right away.
 Present-opening was fun, as usual.

 Harry has really wanted a phone, and we have been telling him he was getting a flip phone or a Galaxy.  But he was sure we might give him an iPhone 4 or something like that. He told me the other day he planned to open the phone-shaped box first, so OF COURSE I wrapped it inside a Zappos box.
 He was beyond delighted to find an iPhone6s, meaning he has a nicer phone than I do.
 THIS IS MY DAD'S SCREEN SAVER.  I just can't even.
 Ben spent the rest of his day assembling large toys and wondering where the hell we're going to put them.
 Everyone was stoked to light the menorah
 And play Giggle Wiggle, which Dorothy said was way creepier than the commercial.
 Before the chaos this morning.
 A few new friends!  The first thing she did was rip off Samantha's pretty pink dress and stick her in a skanky ice skating dress because three-year-olds.
 Harry read them the Night Before Christmas tonight because they remembered missing it yesterday.
 And Beatrix!  Is happily sleeping on Jack's sweatshirt
 Because she's scared of her new bed.  Dogs, man,


  1. I love Cooper's PJs!!! So dang cute

  2. My parents wouldn't let us wake them until 9am Christmas Day. We were allowed to open our stockings before they were up. Our stockings would have candy, dolls, little games, and a couple of paperback books so we could entertain ourselves for the 5-6 hours before we could wake them (yes, I was that kid. Out of my bed by 3am, checked out the living room, then wake my brother to tell him that "Santa came!!!! Get up!!!!")

  3. yes! Holly! That's exactly what we were going for!

    1. That time is honestly one of my most treasured holiday memories. Jeffrey and I enjoying the magic of Christmas, just the two of us. My parents raised readers so we'd usually each be through a book by the time we could wake them.