Monday, December 05, 2016

Hey there, friends. Remember me, the absent everyday blogger?

Every year after NaBloPoMo, I think OK.  Now I will always remember to post on my blog and this daily posting thing will encourage me to post everyday.  And then.  I don't post again forever.  And we do SO MANY awesome Chrismukkah-y things.

Ok, so this isn't Chrismukkah-y, but dang do I love when she gets all ready for ballet class.  The kids are supposed to wear only ballet pink, but my little rule-following self is the only person who faithfully follows this rule.
BEATRIX HAS KENNEL COUGH.  Also not Chrismukkah-y, but worth reporting.  She is on antibiotics (and probiotics, and a hydrcodone cough suppressant).  She is vaccinated for it, but the vet said some dogs will get it anyway, though hopefully not as severely.  She is almost all better, but the first day she puked a lot when she coughed.
It's freaking elf season, complete with alarm typos.
He made a triumphant return
We got a tree.
Two trees, actually.
I had a picture of all the kids, but it isn't showing up.  So.
Full Griswold in progress.
We let the kids' decorate their in the basement, and we shared ours for after beditme.
Ben assures me that it's totally normal to move around all of your damn furniture to make room for a tree.  Gentiles are weird.
Oh.  The tree farm picture I couldn't find:
Jack had super hero day at school (Harry was too cool for this one).
I finally figured out my sewing machine and sewed harry's name on his hockey jerseys and Jack's glued-on patches on his Boy Scout shirt (after sewing the neck and sleeves shut like 15 times).  And then!  When I was snipping my (see-through, nylon) thread, I CUT A HUGE HOLE IN JACK'S SHIRT.  Darn it.  (get it?!)
We went to Zoo Lights with this adorable load of homemade cocoas.  Mine was heavy on the butterscotch schnapps.
Always my favorite bit of holiday decor:
Dorothy calls the ornaments memberies, which is adorbs.
FIRST SNOW!  It was SO EXCITING.  For them.

We went to a Madison Mom Blog cookies with Santa event, and everyone LOOOOVED the face paint:

And now we're back to business as usual reading about and doing crafts featuring sloths at Story Time.

Yes, yes I actually did wear my hair like that for the whole day.  It;s the end of the semester.  What can I say?

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  1. I love everything about this post. Signed --Gentile