Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Eight Crazy Nights: Night 3

To celebrate night 3 of Hanukkah, we took the kids to Build a Bear.  But only Dorothy and Jack wanted to actually go to Build a Bear, so Ben took Harry and Jack to a mall toy store where they bought football and pac man games respectively, and the rest of us built bears (Dorothy) and purchased accessories for existing bears (Jack).  I took no pictures because my half of the experience was an expensive line-standing exercise in frustration.  But the kids really liked it.  Also, I have PMS, if you couldn't tell.

Dorothy asked for my help giving all of her American Girl dolls a change of clothes, and it was just about the funnest thing I did yesterday.  We couldn't change Lanie, the girl in the muumuu and mismatched flats because Dorothy says she needs to wear that outfit until Valentine's Day, so there. Also we searched the whole house for Julie who is not pictured (FOUND HER) and Ashlyn, the Wellie Wisher that Santa brought for Dorothy changed her clothes on Christmas morning and already looked perfect.  I HAVE BEEN WAITING YEARS FOR THIS.

 BEATRIX!  Finally go brave enough to try her new bed.  And she looooooves it.
 After we put the little kids to bed last night, Ben and I played Risk with Harry-- it was amazing, and now I kind of want to play right now, but with all the little pieces and all the little screamy people, that's probably not going to happen. Still. sometime soon, world domination will be mine.

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  1. I know people joke that the kids are all mini-Bens but Cooper & Jack do have their own distinctive traits so which one went to Build a Bear and which one went with Ben?
    I'm kinda hoping it was you, Jack, and girl Jack at Build a Bear and Ben, Harry, and mini-Harry at the toy store.