Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Crafting With Food, Part Eleventy Billion and One

 Lag Liv always makes this adorable Chex Mix with Bugle Santa hats for teacher gifts, and this year I decided to also give it a shot.  As you can tell from even a brief perusal of her blog, LL has her shit way more together than I do on absolutely every level.  So no surprise, her mix was way way way cuter than mine.
 But the Santa hats are SO CUTE.  And the mix is delish (I used regular M&Ms and peanut M&Ms).  According to My Fitness Pal, I ate over 1300 calories worth yesterday.  I think it will be an excellent addition to our movie/Target gift cards (we're the boringest).  Also as you can see, I got a little sloppy with the melty red stuff.
 As a little Christmas presents to parents, Dorothy's class did a mini performance today at ballet.  IT WAS SO ADORABLE even Cooper thought it was cute.

 Dorothy's teacher held her hand during the circle because circles get slippery, and girlfriend has a broken wrist.

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  1. Lol! I feel famous. Those hats are annoying but they're so dang cute and so freaking delicious with the already delicious mix that you kind of just have to do them. Yours look great! We also pair ours with a gift card (usually Starbucks). And I've had teachers comment on how much they love the mix and look forward to it in future years if they get Claire in their class after having Landon. I think it's nice for them to have a "snack" instead of just sweets. Not that it's not a sweet snack, but you can tell yourself it's totally fine to eat them all between classes whereas if you eat a plate of cookies you *might* feel a little bad about it. Maybe.