Tuesday, December 13, 2016


And also I am so sick of shopping.

I know right?

But 4 kids.  8 nights of Hanukkah.  And also Christmas.

And there are so many teachers.  Bah humbug.

I may never take off my Uggs again.  I don't even care that they basically look like shit with everything.  I sometimes wear the short ones to mix things up, and I am saving the chocolate one for a special occasion (LOLz for days).  Mostly, though, it's just me and my tall chestnut Uggs slumping down the street because IT'S SO COLD.  I have been wearing skinny jeans, ugly boots, and huge sweaters for days, and looking at the forecast that's all I will wear for more days head, and I really only have 2 huge sweaters so I will just wear them again and again because fuck it.

Dorothy cried yesterday because I told her she had to wear her tall brown boots, her hot pink Uggs, her furry sequined Elsa Anna boots (thanks for making the world's ugliest shoes that are also a preschooler siren song Stride Rite) or her purple snow boots, and all she wanted to wear were her ruby slippers.  #dorothyproblems.  I told her it's boot season for the next couple of months and she should move someplace warm for college.  In 15 years.

Poor Beatrix may never get off her doggy bed again-- it's UTI cold.

Yesterday after breakfast they all sat down at the table and crafted.  It was weird and cute. (And Cooper raided the candy dish or kit kats and disappeared with his iPad, which was way more normal).

 Jack came upstairs asking for help with this shirt, and Cooper was more than happy to show off his new buttoning skills. I hope to someday take a similar picture at Jack's wedding.
 Harry had a late hockey practice, so I put the other kids to bed and played a couple of hands of Skip Bo with Jack.  Proud to say that I beat him both times #eightyearoldsman.
Then Harry ad Ben came home and we played Scrabble with Harry.  Final score Harry 71, me 75, and Ben 147.  Harry was legit winning going into the final round when he only got like 6 points for the word"it."  I swooped in with a 20-point "zoo," and Ben turned that into a 71-point "zeal."  But first he spent  a few minutes trying to argue that zale was a word before I was just like OMFG why don't you just make zeal?  And then he won.  HE ALWAYS WINS.

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