Sunday, December 11, 2016

Everybody's sick

 No cast!  Instead, she has a really cool hard brace that was molded to fit her teeny little arm.  She has to wear it all the time-- except for in the tub for the next 3 weeks and then come back for an x-ray and hopefully less wear-time for a couple more weeks.

Wednesday was a pretty optimistic day.

Then Thursday happened.  Dorothy woke up with a fever and what she called a sore neck.  STREP THROAT.  And she's basically had a 102+ fever ever since except when she's on Tylenol or Ibuprofen, which is all the damn time.
 Side note:  I am back to tracking my food, and a 25-calorie hot chocolate really takes the edge off my hunger/need to eat all of the things while  clean the kitchen.
 Another side note (I mean who are we kidding-- this ENTIRE BLOG is a side note):  Dorothy spends 62% of her day arranging bows and jewelry on this ride-on thing.
 Thursday after school, I took Jack and Harry to the doc for a strep test, too, even though neither of them was exhibiting symptoms.  On the way there, Jack realized that he was only like 7 hours away from the debut of Fuller House season 2 and tried to work up a fever and sore throat for himself, but no luck.  Harry, however, tested POSITIVE.  We called his cardiologist, since the initial plan was to keep him on Ibuprofen through Wednesday and it got extended to Thursday when  Cooper tested positive for strep.  They were unconcerned, so we were, too, and Friday saw me home with 3 sick kids.
 We had Hurts Donuts for lunch and it was a relaxed, movie-filled day.

 Until 4:22 when Harry complained of chest pains and he and I spent the next 3 hours in the ER because his doc was closing up shop for the day.  OMFG.

His echo was totally clear, and they drew some blood but the labs results didn't come to my mobile chart because they're from the children's hospital not our HMO, so I expect a follow-up call tomorrow.  But everything looked great, so phantom pain?  Growing pain?  Panic attack?

Ben and I closed out the week with wine and Thai takeout, and Beatrix decided she was a lap dog.
 She's not.
 Harry was cleared to play hockey on Saturday and Sunday which was good because he had a tournament.  Early Saturday morning, ben dropped me and the little 3 at a darling little diner and got Harry suited and skated up for his first game before coming back to pick us up.
 They won their first game, and here's Ben giving himself a little time out because he couldn't stop screaming at the refs (the calls were really bad in his defense).
 After the game we came home for a few hours to grocery shop and do laundry and pick up our completely awesome yard sign made by local activists, who distributed a ton of sings and donated over $2000 to the ACLU.  They donated their image to a women's health group who has this cafe press site, and you can order similar signs and other items through it.
 Harry's team won his second game, too, meaning they got to play for the championship this morning, and we raced home to dump the kids with a sitter, throw on cuter clothes, and hit the hockey parents' night out fundraiser with friends.  It was at a local vodka distillery, and the drinks were wonderful.
 This morning, Cooer wanted to make a sign for his door that said "Please say the password," and he DID:

 It snowed 9 inches, and my hair FREAKED OUT:
 Harry's team lost the championship game 3-1, but it was really fun to watch, and the kids were so proud of themselves.  It was also nice to play in a tournament at home, as opposed to on the road in the middle of nowhere.

 Dorothy LOVES playing dolls at hockey rinks-- but next year, she'll e out on the ice-- hard to believe huh?
 WHAT THE HELL IS RIVER MEAT and why does this gas station serve it?!
 Beatrix, dog of leisure.
 25-calorie coca is also a good vehicle for Bailey's so I can have a stiff drink at dark o'clock.  On, Wisconsin.


  1. I love how Dorothy's sister dog was right there with her on the sofa. So cute. Dogs know when we aren't feeling well and can become very clingy as it's their instinct to keep us warm when we are sick. In fact, when I saw the picture of Beatrix on your lap I worried that the next comment would be that you're down with Strep too. Did Jack hate going to school when everyone else got to stay home?

    And I love your hair - even when there's 9" of snow

  2. I'm going to need the recipe for this 25 calorie hot chocolate.