Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday, Cooper PART 1

A certain snowflake of mine is about to turn five (FIVE?!?), so we will fete him like an ancient king because that's how we do birthdays.

Part 1:  Pretend In Pekin

(All day on Friday, Dorothy kept saying solemnly, 'Happy pretend birthday, Cooper," and he kept asking if he was getting a real cake and presents even if it was just a pretend birthday.)

We started by having dinner at the gold course restaurant in my home town that used to be attached to the pool we went to.  Only now the pool has been filled in and it's just a golf course and some tennis courts. SO SAD.

 Dinner was a bit of a shit show because the restaurant was loud, but our kids were louder, and the pretend birthday boy was too busy making and throwing paper airplanes (I KNOW) to pose for any pictures.

Back at my parents' house, he was thrilled (THRILLED!) to discover that my parents got him the rainbow cake he asks for every time we go to Costco, and I was glad, too, because I knew that after everyone went to bed I could eat all of the frosting clouds.

 Dorothy, by the way, wore her festive tiara headband and giant mosquito bite:  

Cooper's presents included swords for everyone, and they immediately went to work beating the hell out of Ben.
 Celebratory ice cream and play time at m very favorite park while Harry and Ben watched the Badger game (go Bucky!)

 My dad had to work on Saturday and Ben had to take a 4-hour nap an order take out at my parents' house, but my mom and I took all the kids to my very favorite apple orchard, which was too crowded for us to actually pick apples or eve buy them at the adorable little market store.  So we bought wristbands to the playground and tickets for the corn maze, and the kids had so much fun!  Dorothy even rode a pony, and she is so excited to tell her teacher all about it at preschool this week

 Clearly all the birthday events exhausted Cooper, so he didn't even care a little bit that Ben and I went out on Saturday night.  Thank goodness!

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