Friday, September 30, 2016

Welp. It Finally Happened. We Forgot a kid.

I took Cooper to the doctor for his 5-year well-child visit, and I brought along a couple of school forms that needed a signature, and I was shocked when our doctor's nurse explained that the pediatrician couldn't sign Dorothy's form because it had been over 18 months since her last visit.  18 months?!  But her last visit was in March, right?  Right.  March of 2015.  When she turned 2.  **head desk**

4 kids is a lot of kids-- too many kids to remember to take to the damn doctor, apparently.

OOPS.  I actually like taking my kids to their well visits-- we make a day of it, or at least a morning.  Harry and I always go out for lunch; Jack and I have breakfast at our favorite greasy spoon.  I had big plans to keep Cooper out of nursery school and hang out just the two of us, which is why I pretended to drop him off in his classroom like normal, leaving him for the 2 minutes it took me to drop Dorothy of in her room (because she will just barely almost most of the time go to school without that many years-- if we screwed up the routine and just dropped her off, she would have lost her shit big time) and then snagging him just as he sat down to a tray full of lavender flubber and plastic scissors.  I should have just kept them both home and dragged her along with us, though, since she needed a check up of her own.  Damn it.

Cooper's visit was fine until he found out he had to get a flu shot (I got a flu shot at my very own doctor's appointment, the first time in like a decade that I haven't gotten a flu shot at the pediatrician's office), and then it was NOT FINE.  After a sucker, a sticker, a bike helmet, a Bucky sticker for his bike helmet, a Frappucino, Ninja Turtle rain boots, carte blanche in the Wal Mart candy aisle to gather supplies for his sleepover tomorrow, and a tiny little Power Ranger, he started to regain the use of his left arm, the little faker.

**TOTAL DIGRESSION:  Madison friends!  Did you know you can buy $10 bike helmets and strollers and car seats at cost and tons of other safety gear at the Kohl's Safety Center at the children's hospital?!  I am definitely finding out about this place about 10 years too late.**

But seriously, how did I forget to take Dorothy to the doctor?  Usually Jack is the only kid we sometimes forget about (because he is so easy and agreeable--squeaky wheels, you know).

Every time I buy whipped cream for waffles and pies, everyone just squirts the whole damn can in their mouths.

 As you can seen, Harry is all about the bass.
 I missed the memo that moms are supposed to dress cute for flag football last weekend, and that's a dumb memo, so I plan to look similarly shitty tomorrow, too.
 Jack called me away from the dishes because he spotted this amazing sunset out the downstairs window and thought we should go take a picture.  Indeed.
 Posing by his clean desk at open house.
 Posing by his puzzle piece at open house.
 Morning walk:
The night before picture day, she got out her fox dress to wear and said, "Oh, I wish I would have gotten those fox shoes at Old navy the other day," and this struck me as so adorable (because she hadn't been toOld Navy in several days, and I didn't even see the shoes in question at the time), that I ran to the store and got them as soon as she went to bed.  The one thing that has made it easier for her to go to school is her new fall wardrobe.  She can't wait to go show it off.  SUCH A GIRL.

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  1. My parents once forgot a gas station. True story.