Sunday, September 04, 2016

20 Years? It Feels Like Yesterday. If Yesterday Was a Really Long Time Ago

My 20th high school reunion was a bonfire party held at the home of a classmate. But! What made it totally surreal and awesome was that my high school BFF used to live at that farm and I spent my teen years going to her barn parties. In fact, she had a huge party when we all graduated from college and I am pretty sure I had too much to drink and peed in the field. So, good memories. 

In a total retro mind f*ck, Ben and I got a ride there from my dad who also came to pick us up. JUST LIKE HIGH SCHOOL. 

Because of the magic of Facebook, I knew generally what everyone is up to and what they looked like. Although, like me, everyone looks different when you see them from the neck down. I had a great time talking to old friends and meeting their spouses. I am definitely pro-reunion. 

Ben and I wanted to not drink beer because we are WI beer snobs, so we made a cooler full of cosmos, which was an excellent social lubricant. 
I also got way too dressed up, but it's too late to change who I am. 

If only real life was selfies. I wouldn't ever worry about my thigh arms again. 
I really didn't take many pictures because I basically just wobbled around asking people awkward questions about their families. Word to the wise: DON'T DO THIS. Talk about things like the weather and your old favorite teachers instead. 

There are 68 pictures like the one above on my camera roll. 

This one is cute, and I planned to take pics like it all night. But, alas. 

Ben decided he was a guy named Brad and Brad had a fantastic time. Until he wasn't going to anymore and we had to go home. Some things never changed. 

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  1. Jen Selock8:43 AM

    Yes, no more asking people how their parents are, unless you know for a fact that they are among the living lol, that was the best story ever!!! Good to see you, wish we had more time to talk and hang out, glad to hear Brad had a great time, he was the life of the party!