Thursday, September 01, 2016

This week was so darn cute!

I should be packing for my 20 year high school reunion (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but instead I am watching Big Brother with the boys while Ben is with friends doing a fantasy football draft/playing poker.

I had friends over to toast the kids going back to school this morning which led to greasy burgers for lunch and futile trip to the mall for something to wear to my reunion which I didn't buy, so I will have to wear something old.  which means I will probably bring  a million things and see what I want to wear on the fly.  Which stresses me out.

Cooper, an excellent salad spinner:
 And an official 4K-er!! (He started Tuesday)  (I think he probably means the candy bar, not the athlete)

And a 3K-er!! (She started Wednesday-- and surprised us all by freaking out at drop off, something she NEVER did last year even once!!) (Dorothy is clearly a postfeminist because she wants to be both a doctor and a genie in a bottle)



5th grade:
 3rd grade (he wants to be a "dockter")
 Jack was pinching the shit out of Harry's neck:
 EVERYONE went to school this morning!!
 Which was good because this happened:
 He has wanted to be a patrol kid since he was a kindergartener and now!  DREAM COME TRUE.

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