Thursday, September 29, 2016

Food food food food! Cookies, this time.

I have a backlog of pictures and realized that they are all sort of about the same thing.  Food.

Which is no surprise because I went to the doctor last week and found out that I am the absolutely fattest I have been in my entire not-pregnant life.  My doctor even checked my thyroid, but it was fine.  So now I have no choice but to blame the wine and cheese and cookie dough.  I am doing this totally insane thing where I don't cheat on MyFitnessPal, but let's face it, I have written those exact words before.  Probably a couple of times.

Well, I guess that's not a picture of food.  But they're AT THE TABLE.
 All Dorothy and Cooper wanted to do yesterday after school was decorate Valentine cookies (I KNOW).  So, before I dropped them off, I made both sugar cookie dough and chocolate chip cookie dough and threw them in the fridge to wait for us.  (I was so impressed with myself, by the way, considering I also cleaned the whole house got us all dressed, and went to work while the kids were at school.)

And even though I felt really put upon, I was glad I took their request for dough seriously because they were so damn cute rolling out the dough, putting the cookies on sheets, coloring the icing that I whipped up, and frosting and sprinkling their cookies:

 Life with preschoolers is delicious.

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