Thursday, September 08, 2016

Happ Birthday Cooper, Part II: Birthday Eve

I worked from home this morning while Ben ran to a quick meeting, and then we met up at Toys R Us to shop quickly for Cooper's bday presents before I headed into my office for the rest of the day.  I was almost pulling into my parking spot when Ben called to ask if I wanted to take the rest of my lunch hour at Chuck E. Cheese, where he had decided to spontaneously take Cooper (and Dorothy) to celebrate his birthday eve.

I really didn't want to, actually, because gross.  But Ben is always the one who doesn't want to do fun stuff during lunch on work days, so I gave in and raced over there to order pizza and buy token while he picked them up at school.

They were really excited.

 But Cooper tried to be all chill about it.
 And Ben had quite the pizza buffet/salad bar adventure, by which I mean he ate off the damn salad bar/pizza buffet.  I preferred to take my own chances later with the chicken salad that was melting in the hot sun in my car.
 I said say cheese and she said CHUCK E CHEESE
 You guys!  He got to do the TICKET BLASTER.  OMFG the ticket blaster! (He only grabbed like 3 tickets but not for lack of trying).
 So composed on the outside but actually really excited on the inside.  That's what I am telling myself anyway.
 She sent approximately 64 tokens riding the merry go round.  But since she still calls it the miggory round, I was cool with it.  Also I did GREAT at ski ball today.
 Not impressed with this ride.
 He liked plastic car Chuck E.
 But was less sure about creepy head swivel Chuck E.
 He's all mine, ladies.
 Vampire teeth which I hope don't poison him like the little boy in that John Grisham book.


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