Thursday, September 10, 2015


Cooper is FOUR?

My snuggliest of babies?

The baby who GAINED WEIGHT in the hospital because he just liked to cuddle and nurse all the damn time?



I just can't even.

And you guys-- he got a bunk bed for his birthday-- no more toddler bed.  He's a grown up practically.

I took exactly NO PICTURES of said bunkbed which is way out of character-- I think it was delivered when I was at work.  So, expect an exciting BUNKBED post tomorrowish.

But by way of teaser, lemme just tell you that Dorothy is in the firetruck:
 I love how excited he was to open his presents yesterday morning.
 And how helpful everyone was.

 And a crown at preschool
 Seriously, how adorable are they?
 Ben's parents sent a gift card, so Cooper got to do a little birthday shopping after nap.
 And we went to our favorite birthday bar with iPads for all because what the hell.

 Dorothy lost this balloon mere seconds after we took this picture.
 But she was surprisingly fine about it, unlike Harry who STILL talks about the green balloon he lost at the farmers' market. When he was 18 months old.
 Tiny sundae for a tiny big boy.

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