Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Worst tooth fairy ever

Jack ripped a tooth out of his face because his friend lost one and because he wanted more money to spend at the school book fair.  That almost made me feel bad enough to tell him he didn't have to use his allowance money and tooth money to buy books because I would buy him anything he wanted.  Then I realized that his tooth money and his allowance money is actually my money.  And I DID buy him books on top of the ones he chose.  So.

Besides, I have way worse tooth-related things to feel bad about.

WE FORGOT TO PUT MONEY UNDER JACK'S PILLOW on Sunday night, even though Jack lost his tooth and Ben replaced it with a tooth from the creepy as fuck box of teeth he apparently keeps in the closet, and I told Facebook abut this and hilarity ensued.  

Monday morning, Jack woke up and found only his tooth under his pillow and cried softly in his bed for a few minutes.  Meanwhile , Ben realized with a jolt that he forgot the cash and sprinted downstairs to nonchalantly drop a twenty on Jack's dresser under the guise of enquiring about the tooth fairy.  Then I told Jack, slightly mollified by the $20 but still confused, that the TF left his tooth probably because she knew he felt terrible about dropping the last tooth he lost in the pool drain in Hilton Head.  And he believed me! And then Monday night, Ben left a note from the TF thanking Jack for holding onto the tooth another day, and he took the tooth and left another $5 for good measure.  Today, Jack wrote a thank-you note for the TF and told me he hopes it makes her leave more money tonight.  Erm.
 Cooper built a chair out of tinker toys.  Dorothy asked him if it was a potty.
 Harry and I made another vat of tomato sauce from garden tomatoes.
 Then he and I went to a fundraiser for a friend who is traveling to Peru to do acupuncture in the rain forest.
 I am running the book fair at the big kids' school this week.  It's the biggest fundraiser of the year besides the one Ben and I chair in April, a ton of work, and also really fun.  Dorothy and Cooper spent 5 hours at student preview day yesterday, and they entertained themselves the whole time.
 Books are the best.


  1. Twenty five bucks?!?! I'd rip my teeth out too! Eli get $2. And he usually hands me the tooth and says, "Can I just have my money now, please?"

  2. Jennifer Selock4:25 PM

    So both of my kids have had Tooth Fairy mishaps. Recently Nolan was victim of the Tooth Fairy slacking, I felt terrible and made sure that he got a lego toy thing and money. When Owen got jilted by the Fairy she wrote him a note explaining that there were a lot of children who had lost their teeth the night before and that she simply ran out of time, and she brought him 2 gifts. So next time the Fairy messes up, run with the Fairy must have gotten really busy and the kids will think it's the truth lol.