Saturday, September 19, 2015

#3's #4, Part 3

The picture above is Jack at school. I volunteer in his classroom on Friday mornings (giving spelling tests 3 kids at a time, which is both tedious and adorable), and jack got done with his spelling test and spelling packet, so he set up shop in the reading corner.

Below, we have Cooper at Old Navy, where I took him and Dorothy to pick out clothes to wear for their school pictures on Wednesday.  Dorothy picked a way less silly outfit than I was hoping she would.
We went to target to find Cooper some socks he would deign to wear to his bouncy house birthday party.  Start Wars knee socks for the win.
I pretty much love his whole party ensemble.
Dorothy scampered right in, one of the big kids.
Wind tunnel.  Jack brought his BFF to the party, and Harrison and his friend chose to go to a different party.  But I couldn't blame them-- their friend was turning 10 and having a baseball party, so.

I kept trying to get a picture of all of my children.  No dice.

I did a lot of sliding.

Cooper had a mild sock-related meltdown mid-party.
He really liked his Transformers cake.
Science is hilarious.
A pretty much group shot.
He was very serious when we sang.
Almost a good one!

He was SO SWEET during present opening even though he is really shy and hates to be the center of attention in public.  He said thank you to each friend after he opened the gift-- really cute.
Here are some randoms from Ben's camera:

Then, you guys, the most bloggable event happened that I TOOK ABSOLUTELY NO PICTURES OF.

Virginia and her awesome family came over for dinner!  Her children were all adorable and wonderfully behaved.  And Dorothy and Cooper were both over tired and horrible and screamed the whole time.  But still!  It was so fun!  And as soon as they left, I started kicking myself for the lack of pictures.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

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