Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Big boys' first day of school!

I was completely blotto by 10:45 am thanks to my spur-of-the-moment mimosa party yesterday.  Oops.  Also, GREAT IDEA.

I was so sad to see these guys go.  I talk a good game, but really I am a bundle of nerves when I think about how much of their days they spend in school instead of tucked in safe and cozy in the our house.  Also, WHO WILL PLAY WITH MY BABIES?

 So, much to their chagrin, I walked them all the way to school and stalked them at their cafeteria tables.
 Obviously we went to Costco on Sunday to buy our snack contribution  Each kid was charged with bringing 3 boxes of snack.  We bought BIG boxes.  Also, you all know how I feel about fruit snacks, but they eat nothing but total bullshit garbage everyday at 10:30, so what the hell.  We let them bring whatever they wanted.
 Speaking of do whatever they want.  Cooper ate lunch outside.  And he had cereal.  Half naked.  With an iPad.
 Harry needed to bring 4 things that describe aspects of his personality to school tomorrow.  I suggested a photo of the family, but he said he just wanted one of him and his dog.  Erm.
 We closed out the day at the pool.  Gosh I love the pool.  I think our last night will be Wednesday because Thursday is a school thing and Friday we have plans and then we go out of town for Labor Day weekend.  Hoping to be back in time to take a final swim on Monday night.

Maya asked how I read on the elliptical.  Mine has a little ledge in front of the display that is perfect for resting a book.  I typically hold the book lightly with my left hand because my right is my Fitbit side and I don't want to mess up the accumulation of steps.  Because I get up in the damn middle of the night practically to exercise, I can't turn on the TV in my workout dungeon without waking Dorothy who sleeps directly above, so I either listen to podcasts or read.  I go about 5-6 mph when I read, but I vary between a 9:55 mile and an 11:19 mile-- so we are not talking very fast.

Right now, I am in a podcast phase.  I love Mystery Show, Spawned with Kristen and Liz, Mom and Dad Are Fighting, and Happier.  I also listen to Mom on Pop, Call Your Girlfriend, and The Longest Shortest Time.  This means I am not in a reading phase and owe tons of money to the library and have neglected to collect tons of books on hold.  I am going to straighten my library life out first thing tomorrow, I swear.  I mean , if I am going to pay fines, I might as well just buy books when they first come out.


  1. Beatrix does not look nearly as happy as Harry.


  2. I feel so special :)! Thanks for the clarification... that quite a pace to set while reading!