Thursday, September 03, 2015


 Can you believe it?? Dorothy and Cooper started PRESCHOOL!

They love it.  Dorothy cries everyday when we pick her up.  YIKES-- way to make us look like total ,monsters.  Cooper loved school last year, and he's a big fan again this year.  He's so damn cute and serious about everything.  I watched his class troop out to the playground on Wednesday, and he almost broke my heart with his composure and professionalism even while skipping through the wood chips.

And then we had an after school donut.
 And spent wat might be our last night of the season at the pool (Monday weather looks sketchy).
 Cooper was freaking out this morning because he couldn't find his little Star Wars guy.  I knew I had seen it somewhere.  And then I got to work and realized that somewhere was my purse.  Oops.


  1. Cute shoes Sarah!

    The picture of Dorothy with her giant! Such a little girl heading out to make her mark in the big world. She's such a doll.

  2. Anonymous12:09 AM

    You inspire me , I am tired .
    Yes the crap we tolerate for our kid ,sometimes I wonder is it worth it , am I paying too heavy a price for the sake of my child.Again
    we don't know do we?Every teacher should have a special need kid , then perhaps they will understand our side .
    I am in the same boat as you , just the same, lets hope our discomfort is worth the fact .
    Everyday I see the principal directing the traffic like he's a great a guy , instead of doing his job that doing the best for the students , he has banned people from replying to my emails , the class in which I am there volunteering is not even encouraged ,can you believe it ?
    God I sound pathetic , I pretend like everything is fine , but I avoid making eye contact with the principal ,but I smile and wave at the VP.
    All I did was asking the teacher to stop yelling at my micro preemie girl who everyone ,even the school psychologist defended as being extremely sweet, they call her sweet and kind but I became a villain because I changed my daughters classes instead of tolerating the abuse heaped on her by the mean old lady .

    I was not made part of class emails of the new class , for the rest of the school year ,but my girl won the teacher's and TA's heart ,like I said she is forgetful but sweet .She even set a district-wide record for highest score in ELA in MAP testing .She was in the 99th percentile for the remaining subjects .
    Teachers need a little compassion , my daughter suffered TBI and she is forgetful ,yelling ,calling her names is not even humane .We live in San Diego ,in the poshest neighborhood possible , with the highest Mello Roos taxes and yet such crass behavior ?