Thursday, September 17, 2015

New beds, no naps, Marigold Fest, and another busy week

I mean, seriously. The title really sums this up, no?

Cooper LOVES LOVES LOVES his new bunk bed.

And Dorothy is also thrilled with the firetruck. EXCEPT SHE DOESN'T NAP ANYMORE.  She just ransacks her room.  It's so relaxing.
Last weekend, we went to Pekin to celebrate Cooper's birthday with my parents and go to the Marigold festival, which I have always wanted to visit with the kids.  IT WAS SO FUN.

Cooper was happy to have another bday celebration-- he has one more this weekend.
My mom made shit on the grass shots-- SO GOOD.
We also came to town to see my brother who was in the wedding of his friend from 1-3 grade who used to live in the house behind ours (well, the house we used to live in when we were little kids).
I find so many selfies like this on my phone all the damn time.  I am SO LUCKY.
It was a chilly parade morning.
Turns out, the kids LOVE parades.  They're really good at eating candy out of the street.
We saw my best friend from grade/high school and her 3 beautiful little girls, including her 7-week-old baby.
Look how hard she is grabbing his hair!
The bar across the street had a $3 bloody mary bar.  An excellent parade location.
Oh, Jack.
Dorothy had the MOST fun
I mean, a giant piece of pizza.

Look at my little marigolds.
At Art in the Park, I had to paddle the boys around the lagoon in a giant dragon-shaped boat.
Who doesn't love a dirty old carnival?
Best ice cream sandwich ever.

This is happening.  I am not going to jinx it with commentary.
 These lovely things from my garden/CSA?  Became a lovely spaghetti sauce for the freezer and for dinner on Tuesday.  Help us.  We are drowning in tomatoes.
 Jack had a playdate, and he walked him home-- it was totally adorable.

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