Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The big birthday, finally.

The dog you guys.  The dog will not stop barking.  Inside.  Outside.  She has woken up both  Dorothy and Cooper.  She is not even a little bit cute right now.

After all the build up, Harry's actual birthday on Sunday was delightfully low key.

Leftover birthday cake and presents for breakfast.  With party hats.

 Then the boys and I walked to the pool and Ben and the babies joined us after nap.
 And we ordered in pizza which is a no-no-- you are supposed to eat outside food at the tennis court, but the tennis court was full of a going away party, so.

 Yesterday, Harry went out to spend his gift cards.  Note:  HE REALLY WANTS ONE OF THESE so he can pretend to be a Mario character.
 And then today, more pool.  I love how the littles join all the big kids during adult swim.

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  1. Where did you find your bathing suit? Cute