Wednesday, June 03, 2015

2 quick pics

We just saw Entourage with friends, and it was kind of as bad as the second Sex and the City movie and I ate SO MUCH CANDY.  I really liked the movie, though, because I loved the show.  But Ben and I have watched seasons 6-8 in the past 3 days to prepare, and the show was WAY BETTER.  But still, no bedtime duties and a grown up dinner for us.

I'd really like to go to bed right now because my elliptical machine is broken, and I have to walk for fucking ever to burn almost as many calories with my FitBit so I have been getting up in the 5's.  I mean, AT 5.  But, alas, Beatrix isn't sleepy.  The kids are adaptable, but a babysitter really screws with her routine.

 Oh, Dorothy.  She has a scrape on her nose from falling down on the pool deck-- there's a reason the lifeguards suggest walking-- and she won't stop picking it open, so she needs a neosporin bandaid to prevent horrible scarring (I may be overreacting).  The Paw patrol socks, Elsa dress, and leopard leggings are all her.
 Note Dorothy in the background throwing a huge tantrum because she wanted my shoes.  "My turn!" she is screaming.

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  1. Tripod12:26 PM

    I love that J looks brave and determined in his heels!