Monday, June 08, 2015

Almost summer!!

I spent the whole weekend at an intensive writing workshop in my town, at my university.  It was a national conference, but you know my lazy, flight-phobic ass would never go unless it was literally in my backyard.  But it was!  So I went!  And I am excited about my Planned Parenthood book again.

We also went out for a friend's birthday and had a completely awesome time.  I wore a super slutty dress and heals and we stopped by the conference reception on the way where I was horribly over dressed.  But it doesn't matter because we took no pictures of the whole night.

I have actually been way off my photo game lately. Or maybe no one has done anything cute.  Yeah. It's probably that one.

This morning, I realized two things at once.  First of all, I forgot to pack lunches last night.  Second, these are my LAST PLANET BOXES OF THE YEAR because tomorrow the boys need paper-sack-field-trip-lunches and Wednesday, we are bringing Harry's class pizzas to celebrate the big 0-9, and I promised Jack I would come eat Subway with him.  That only leaves Thursday, which is the last day, early dismissal, and a champagne picnic at the park with friends.  So today, the last bentos of the school year.

And on another note, these lunch boxes are amazing.  I did not even get that sick of packing lunches, and the boys only bought hot lunch ONE TIME all year.

 Ben and I took our last one-child trip to Costco today.  It's going to suck to run errands all summer.
 My favorite thing to do: lie in the sun and take selfies while Ben watches the babies at home and the bog boys play.
 Harry is SO EMBARRASSED of his field trip lunch sack.  There are 2 Bens because my brother is going on Harry's trip, and Ben is going on Jack's
2 more days of school left and then OMG everyone together ALL DAY LONG.  Fun times ahead.

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  1. I think you've sold me on the lunch boxes. My kids' were literally hanging on by a (really gross) thread by the last week.
    How do you get your kids to play while you sun? I took mine to the pool yesterday so that I could read for my class, and now my textbook is covered in water spots from trying to highlight poolside. And more importantly, my tan is embarrassingly lopsided.