Monday, April 13, 2015


About 2 seconds after I swept up all the birthday party crumbs and published my pics of the big day, Ben and I got dressed in some thrift store finery to go to a house warming party for some friends who just moved a few blocks into a truly awesome house.

We had so much fun!

And were so totally hungover the next day.  Especially Ben, who let me sleep until 9.  He got up when Cooper burst into our room at 6:18 screaming "Mommy!  Daddy!  It's wake up time!"  Ben's the best.

We had a $15 limit-- $25 with shoes, and we both stayed well under.

I paid $11.60 for the shirt, skirt, and platform shoes.  Ben found his sweet Champion track suit on EBay for $13 and scored the sunnies for $1.20.
 There was a shot ski situation at this party.
 Ben was all about it.
 I think I drank my Jello shot before this picture was taken, but I look super confused.
 Oh, Ben.

I love a group of people who really gets into a theme, and there were some awesome outfits at this party.  Our babysitter said she texted her boyfriend to say she hopes she does fun stuff like this when she's old.  Erm.


  1. This is a GREAT party idea! I may use it for Halloween. And I love that your friends have a shot ski! You are definitely "fun old"

  2. Amazing party idea.