Monday, April 06, 2015

Hoppy Easter. We ate too much ham.

Easter/Passover weekend which means my family came to town so we could not really celebrate either holiday.  But we did hang out together!  And give the kids presents!

We bought a ton of liquor
And baked some stuff.

What else do we need?

Sweet baby Henry had a good time.
We grilled a casual lunch on Saturday.  Because with these kids, it's always casual.
So sleepy.  In the middle of the day.
I really wanted to buy Jack's birthday cake because I make notoriously shitty  cakes that always look terrible, but he INSISTED that I bake it.  I was annoyed because this is the first of 3 (THREE!) birthday celebrations for Jack, and I said I would bake the rest of the time. But, I am not a monster.  So I reluctantly baked a from-scratch cake, and it was semi-attractive and tasted pretty good.  I'll call that a win.
After the one time when Jack was 4 and Ben bought trick candles (because he IS a monster), Jack takes great pains to blow his candles out.
The frosting on this cake tasted like pudding!
The grown ups and Henry had dinner at a bar to watch the Badgers win their game on Saturday night!  We were actually at a cute little local pub next door to the restaurant when the Badgers won, and the mood at this townie tavern was positively JOYFUL.
Henry didn't make it to the pub, but how cute was he at dinner?
Jon, Caleb, Ben, and my dad played darts and pool.  It was Jon and Caleb vs. ben and my dad and obvi Jon and Caleb won-- you can tell by their super focused dart body language that they were going to kick ass.

We were SO HUNGOVER on Easter morning.  Like SO hungover.  I don't even remember filling eggs with chocolates and cash and hiding them.
Dorothy, she of the greasy mullet, LOVED her Frozen bike.  Because it has Elsa and Anna on it, like most evrerything she wears/plays with/eats off of/ watches.
Drunk Easter Bunny hid Jack's bike in the tub.
He was excited when he finally got it out with the help of me and my huge hangover.
Harry got very sporty presents because that's who he is: Sporty McSportsalot
Dorothy wasted absolutely no time tearing into her chocolate bunnies.
Egg hunt.  Harry and Cooper somehow found all the cash.  Jack got a ton of chocolate eggs, though.
She can't pedal.  At all.  If you need us this summer we will be bent over like this pushing a bike or icing our lower backs.
Jack jumped right on and rode off like a pro, which is awesome because he only got his training wheels off like 10 days ago and has been awkwardly riding Harry's old bike.
I can absolutely buy my shoes in the boys' section, apparently.  (These are Harry's but I might snag myself a pair...)
Drunk Easter Bunny forgot she had a bunch of people coming over for brunch.  Mimosas and Bloody Marys helped.
Always the life of the party
Our little family of 5.
All grown up
Henry and his adorable mom
We got all Braverman like and headed out for our third annual family Easter rocket launch.
Jack rode his awesomely dangerous new electric razor trike
My parent splayed on the playground
Dorothy took her shoes off so she could get ring-around-the-bathtub FILTHY
She spent most of the afternoon pulling Jon or Caleb around by the hand
After the kids went to bed, Ben and Henry came back over and Ben made awesome old fashioneds with blood orange liquor.
This morning, Jon and Caleb came back for a little bit before their flight, and I forced the kids to eat all of their candy because Ben and I are doing a 1-day juice cleanse tomorrow (from Freshii), and I will probably weaken and eat all of the candy if it;s laying around after I've had my last beet juice and warm lemon water for the day.  gah.
Oh, screamy little Cooper.

That's Caleb's arm sticking out of the house because he was IN THERE with Snotty Dottie because he's a nice person.  And seriously, she had snot bubbles for days.  He played a whole game of hide and seek yesterday with Cooper as his partner and a bloody mary in his hand.  My kind of guy.
Beatrix wore herself out playing tennis ball lacrosse.
A final picture before Jon and Caleb had to go.
Such a fun weekend!!!!

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