Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blurry pictures of our weekend-- with a title like that, how could you NOT click through?

 I was all excited to get a cable that could communicate with my camera (or, more accurately, that could make my camera communicate with my computer) but then I did and I realized that someone -- cough, cough BEN-- had the camera on shutter mode and most of our pics are totally blurry.

But still!  4 generations-- pretty awesome.
 Oops, one of the generations ran away and the rest of them are in a fever dream.
 Jack and Cooper wasted NO TIME pulling out their Disney pictures.
 And we realize dhow much the kids love Disney and now we are going there in August "on our way" to Hilton Head.  Yep.  We just booked our third trip in a year and are planning trip #4.  WE HAVE A PROBLEM.  (And I mean that literally-- the third trip we have BOOKED since last May, but it;ll be over a year before we go there 3 times.  So, that's better, right?)
 OMG I LOVE DRIVEWAY BASKETBALL even though I look stupid playing it.

 I seriously need to start all mornings with 24 kosher donuts and a mimosa.
 Dorothy didn't know what all the fuss was about, but 4 generations is awesome.
 You may have noticed that Dorothy is wearing her Elsa dress or her Anna dress in all of these pictures.  That's because that's all she wears ever, guys.  MAYBE one of her Elsa and Anna t-shirts.  In a pinch her Frozen jammies or her Sofia the First nightie.  But otherwise, she wears her Elsa dress (or maybe Anna depending on the day) until it's time to take it off and put on-- what else-- her Elsa nightie.  She is officially that kid.

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  1. Eli wore a Spider-Man costume for months. I love "that kid." :)
    You look amazing, BTW.