Saturday, July 12, 2014

So many pictures of summer fun

We had such a fun night out the other night doing a quintessential summer thing-- having dinner on the Terrace followed by ice cream and a walk by the lake.

It's not fun at all (AT ALL) to take Dorothy and Cooper anywhere in public, but it actually WAS fun to eat burgers and brats and hotdogs and corn with them outside right in front of a really noisy jazz quartet who drowned them out.

 Fun and also overwhelming.

Why yes.  Yes that is a pitcher of beer.

Today, I took Jack and Cooper to a kiddie cooking class at Whole Foods.  They LOVED it and took the whole thing very seriously.

Yesterday was rainy, so I took the big boys to Maleficent which was WONDERFUL.  And I really want to see Annie, BTW.
I love her tutu bathing suit.
And her pigtails.

The whole time she was in this swing, Cooper kept saying "I help!  I help!" and then swinging her into the deck.  SO HELPFUL.

Tonight we went out for a few hours without the kids for the first time in quite awhile.  IT WAS LOVELY.


  1. That picture of you and D in the lounge chairs is adorable! And I have to say, taking 4 kids to an outdoor eatery, with barbecue, in that dress, is some pro level sh**.

  2. I LOVE the bath tub picture. That is classic wedding montage fodder.

    I also love seeing pics of Ben & the kids. He's not in as many so it's always a special treat.

  3. The nice thing about San Antonio is there are quite a few restaurants with things like ginormous sandboxes and giant grassy areas where the kids can run and the parents can drink beer on the patios under overhangs, ceiling fans, and misters. It's truly one of the best things about living here.

    I'm going to take Ebeth to see Malificent! She has also been begging to go see it.