Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Last night, today

Ben took Harry to baseball tonight because I got to take him last time, and we cannot all go because Cooper is ridiculous.  So I took the other kids to Orange Leaf because chemicals and carbs be damned it is only 40 calories an ounce.

Dorothy likes.
Yesterday? We did not get OFF THE COUCH.  Harry wore a sheet toga most of the day.  I was in my jammies until 6 pm.
And then at 6 pm, we went to the pool.  IT WAS A PERFECT DAY.
Look at Jack and this tiny girl. So cute.  They rode the water slide all afternoon today.  At some point, jack fell down and bruised the shit out of his face on the water slide, but I remain unsure of when that happened.  MOTY.
Cooper loves this train so much he tried to kill Dorothy for riding on it.  Again, MOTY.

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