Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Lazy Days

It is only 60 degrees this morning but crazy Harry and Jack really wanted to come to swim lessons. 

I, of course, did not mind because Ben is home with the babies and swim lessons are 30 minutes of poolside quiet. MOTY. 

Yesterday's lesson though? Holy shit it was terrible. Ben was teaching class, so I had to bring everyone and everyone was super fighty and screamy on the way out the door which makes leaving the house even more ridiculous than usual. And it is usually ridiculous especially when you factor in finding goggles and matching flip flops and putting on fucking sunscreen. I  am so over sunscreen. 

When we got to the pool, Dorothy threw a total tantrum THE WHOLE TIME. I can't even say for sure what started it, but OMG it did not end. I took pictures of course. 
I actually think tantrums are cute, especially the full-on prostrate ones. 

In the midst of this one, Cooper got out of the water and started screaming about ??? I don't know-- his needs evolved. Being  cold. Not being in swim lessons. Because his towel slid off his shoulder. Because he wanted M&Ms from the snack bar. It was a substantial and quickly changing list. 

After his lesson Jack got out of the water and despite the two screaming babies asked to eat lunch at the pool. I said no because seriously. And then he started jumping up and down screaming about a corn dog. It was really hard not to just say fuck it and go have a beer at the snack bar. 

This was a more tranquil day, a warmer day. Although I was pretty cold because I tried to sneakily jump in the deep end to fling Harry off his own peaceful raft, but I am not very sneaky and he saw me come up for air before I reached him. So I was stuck in the water for the rest of the morning because it was a million times colder out of the water than in it. 

Despite yesterday's tantrums we headed back to the pool after naps. I napped too. But first, we sat out the 3:00 adult swim at home with a snack. 
Today it is my greatest ambition to get dressed during nap and go to the mall for blue nail polish for me and Toms for Dorothy before taking everyone to the zoo. Dream big, huh?

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  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    beautiful Dorothy ,I love tantrums too ,my girl is past it tho' :(
    -usual anony from now on 'ash'